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Cortney is a director, actor, and costume designer. She got her start with NZT, and then completed her theatre training at Central Connecticut State University. She has directed Eurydice, Afternoon of the Elves, Agnes of God, A Shayna Maidel and has appeared in NZT productions of Dancing at Lughnasa, The Tempest, The King of Ireland’s Son, and The Little Little Red Riding Hood Show. She was also producing assistant for Saying Good-bye, One More Time, a film on the challenges of foster parenting. Cortney has also produced and directed digital films of her own. For the last eight years has served as a Director/Producer for SGU Video Productions, which teams with the popular podcast series, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. She recently released a web series called Occ the Skeptical Caveman with SGU Productions, a company dedicated to science education and critical thinking. 


Cortney believes strongly in the power of great story-telling. Over the past 16 years she has utilized theatre and film to tackle relevant issues in the hopes of making a connection with whomever chooses to watch and listen. In this modern world of screens and self-checkout aisles she recognizes there's something incredibly precious about a family of actors working together to create a moment on stage that's real and has an impact.

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