Back in 1998, the New Zenith Theatre (NZT) was launched as a “community and arts initiative” at Naugatuck Valley Community College. For the next ten years, it’s successful efforts to create engaging and relevant theatre for young people and family audiences in Waterbury and its surrounding towns was embraced by teachers, parents and thousands of children and teens.


It’s 2017, and the work of the New Zenith continues. We are reviving our efforts to create important and engaging theatre with new plays, performances, and programs that will engage and entertain young people and families in Waterbury, and throughout the state. NZT uses theatre and creativity to teach, inspire, and celebrate important stories about young characters; especially those kids facing challenges, quests, and dreams. At a time when technology surrounds us, NZT wants to make sure that the live performance experience, with an emphasis on literature and language, remain in tact and help educate and inform.


Through live theatre, storytelling becomes fresh and real. We believe that through the immediacy of performances on stage, young and old can find inspiration and hope. The theatre offers opportunities to discover one’s spirit; to ignite the creativity within us; and to recognize important, life long skills necessary as communicators and collaborators.


Please help us to bring our thrilling approach to theatre to the Waterbury community—and across Connecticut. Join our efforts to build a theatre program that inspires, teaches, and empowers young people. With your help, we can use literature and the arts to give kids a voice, and to celebrate family, community and diversity. We know that together, anything is possible.

Ed Wierzbicki

Artistic Director

Cortney Novella


Jeff dePascale

Digital Designer/


Mary Rosengrant-Chiappalone

Community Relations