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The Purpose of Art: Making Human Connections

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

By Emily Sousa

Art is a deeply personal expression of emotion and the purpose of art is a deeply personal thing. The personal definition of art makes it difficult to pinpoint a specific purpose. I believe that true art is defined by the artist. All art should make you feel something weather its happiness, humor, or sadness. Being able to convey these emotions to the world is the mark of a talented artist.

The purpose of art is to express yourself. Art should not be made for anyone else. The public reception of art does not define whether is is good or if it purpose. The perception of whether art is “good” or popular is because it appeals to more general emotion. I feel that as long as the artist feels as though their artwork fulfilled its purpose. In a more general sense, the purpose of art is to connect with someone. The human being is biologically a social creature and therefore we are always trying to connect with others. It is the way that artists choose to communicate their feelings and thoughts to others. Art is meant to communicate. How their world works from the perspective of the artist. To communicate their experiences and to try and emotions.

On a more personal note, the purpose of art to the artist is to release their emotions into their art. Once they have released their emotions, they have a completed work of art. This is also why Ifind art so therapeutic.

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